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Mosa on Stage Kelburne

Hundreds of Promises, for Sophia

Fri 3rd March.. The Lighthouse, Glasgow

Sophia - click to enlarge.

Hi fellow funksters, the band will be playing a very special event on Fri 3rd March for a brave little girl, Sophia, who has Sanfilippo a rare progressive genetic disorder.

The Drink, Dine, Dance & Donate event hosted by Hundreds of Promises, for Sophia at The Lighthouse is a fundraiser to raise funds and awareness of this cruel disorder and also to celebrate the positive spirit displayed by Sophia and her family.

Mosa will bring our special flavour of positivity to end the event with a lively, fun and entertaining note.

Please show your support for this very worthy cause, details of the fundraiser below. X"

Find out more over on the event page on Facebook: Drink, Dine, Dance & Donate

Tickets are available via GoFundme page:

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Mosa Funk Club at Tron Theatre Ltd.

The band are also totally privileged to play at another Foxstar event at the Tron on Fri 28th April.

Check out the Tron's page for more details

The Vox dynamix of Mosa Funk Kim Wilson Mosa chill after King Tuts gig and white photos courtesy of

Blast from the past..

DJ Belicious from wait for it ...2005 ....yikes !!! where are you hon xx"

Fast from the present..

Local arts and culture advertising drums at threat from elimination from DRS Glasgow

One more thing...

If there is one piece of music you check out this summer let it be this and you will not be disappointed.
New experimental electronic music genius, writing and choosing our fair city to work from (loves the people and the drink culture apparently )

Rian EP." Pattern Damage"...on the highly acclaimed label "The Death Of Rave "

The record recently received a 10/10 in Mix Mag so check it out funky poops


Pure Unadulterated Durty Fhunk

As usual remember if there are any other exciting projects out there that you know of, or are involved in, please drop us a line or better still send us some music.

..or come visit Mosa on Facebook

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